Competence Center for Strategy & Competitiveness

Founded in February 2016, the Competence Center for Strategy & Competitiveness (CSC) deals with the concepts of strategy and competitiveness. The focus on strategy and competitiveness is on two levels:

  1. Competitiveness and business strategies of SMEs and family businesses
    This topic area deals with current internal determinants of strategy formation and the competitiveness of firms, for example the allocation of resources or the management of innovation.
  2. Competitiveness of location and clusters
    Based on a microeconomic perspective, this topic area analyzes all factors relating to the productivity of firms in the context of vitality of clusters and locations (particularly cities).

CSC operates in varied ways - on the one hand, sound practical solutions are developed and on the other, the gained knowledge is passed on via publications and lectures to the scientific community and feeds into teaching.

CSC also coordinates FHWien der WKW’s membership in Harvard Business School’s globally active Affiliate Network ‘Microeconomics of Competitiveness’. This international affiliate network is led by Professor Michael E. Porter and comprises over 100 leading business schools. Partners of the MOC Affiliate Network examine strategic determinants of competitiveness in firms, clusters, regions and national states in a global economic structure from a microeconomic perspective. Based on relevant analyses regional, national and international strategies to promote competitiveness of clusters (government policies) will be compared and recommendations for managers and economic policy makers will be made.


Research Cluster SMEs & Family Businesses

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