Competence Center for SMEs & Strategic Change

The Competence Center for SMEs & Strategic Change develops concepts and methods to diagnose and strengthen the strategic changeability and innovation of small and medium sized entreprises (SMEs) together with national and international partners from research and business. We currently base our research activities on the following questions:

  • How can the changeability and innovation of SMEs be diagnosed and encouraged?
  • How can the competitiveness of SMEs be strengthened with strategic change competence?
  • Which role does organizational logic play in the strategic development and changeability of SMEs?

Concrete problem resolution for economic practice is attained using scientific methods. Cooperations with SMEs can facilitate the newest scientific findings being used directly in the development of innovation and the implementation of strategically relevant changes.The generated research results are released in high quality scientific publications and lectures in the international science community and taught to the future business leaders of tomorrow in their lectures.

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Research Cluster SMEs & Family Businesses

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