Research Cluster SMEs & Family Businesses


The research cluster “SMEs & Family Businesses” generates nationally leading and internationally visible research performance with a particular focus on the challenges faces by small and medium-sized enterprise’s (SME) and family businesses. The specialization of each cluster depends on its research focus and application scope in one of the following areas:

  • Competitiveness (particularly in connection with locational factors, microeconomics of competitiveness)
  • Strategic management (particularly strategic change management)
  • Corporate responsibilty (particularly social responsibility and leadership)

Projects with practical relevance and commissioned studies also make up part of the specialization areas in the clusters.

Analogous to the research focus there are three research centers:

  • Competence Center for Corporate Governance & Business Ethics (CGBE)
  • Competence Center for Strategy & Competitiveness
  • Competence Center for SMEs & Strategic Change



The activities are based on three pillars; research, teaching and practice. The usage of synergie effects facilitates a common strategic alignment of cluster activities and a systematic development of expertise and structure in these three fundamental areas.

The research pillar focuses on national and international research activities and high-quality publications in the aforementioned subject areas. Underlying research questions are generated from business practice and up-to-date research results are then passed on to interested businesses directly, along the practice pillar. This enables concrete, research-based solutions for current problems to be developed. Likewise, research results and innovative internationally recognized teaching methods are passed on to students via the teaching pillar.


Research Cluster SMEs & Family Businesses

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