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Students from the Bachelor’s program Tourism-Management at FHWien der WKW on a field trip to South(east)Styria.

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During a two-day field trip, a group of students from the 2nd semester of the Bachelor’s program in Tourism Management visited the “green heart” of Austria and explored the culinary variety of South(east)Styria. 

They visited several innovative and famous local producers, like Vulcano Schinkenmanufaktur (specialized in the famous Vulcano prosciutto), the Vulkanland Sektkulinarium (specialized in sparkling wine), the internationally renowned Georgiberg as well as Gölles Manufaktur für Edlen Brand & Feinen Essig, distillery and vinegar production. The group got interesting practical insights as well as some delicious food.

We experienced amazing hospitality at our host’s places: hotel Neuhold, in Wagna/Leibnitz, during dinner at Buschenschank Schilhan and lunch at hotel-restaurant Weinlandhof Wratschko in Gamlitz.

Beside practical insights in culinary and gastronomy tourism, we discussed the economic impacts of tourism in the region of Leibnitz/South Styria with representatives of the local tourism organization.

We would like to thank you for two interesting days, a great atmosphere and fruitful discussions and inputs.

Finally, at the end of our first study year we would like to add. Practical insights are the best theory!

Students of group 1, 2nd semester Bachelor’s program in Tourism Management

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