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Marcelo Baudino, CEO von Icebergci talks about the challenges of global, virtual teams in a virtual classroom

While up to a few years ago executives were often sent to the respective foreign branch, nowadays it is often possible for those involved to collaborate virtually at their respective locations. However, the move to deployed teams, that is, teams that are geographically distributed, is not unique to multinational corporations. More and more executives are faced with the challenge of leading teams from different locations within Vienna or Austria, or increasingly from home - this obviously has a lot of potential, but it also presents some challenges. Within the framework of the course "Organizational Culture & Intercultural Management" in the 2nd semester of the Master's program "Organizational and Personnel Development" exactly this burning topic was taken up.

Marcelo Baudino, CEO von Icebergci, talked about the three biggest challenges facing global virtual teams, namely isolation, fragmentation and confusion. In keeping with the theme, the course took place in a virtual space.

The Student Experience: „We really enjoyed the class with Marcelo, it was a great experience! It was a great feeling to be connected with someone on the other side of the earth like he would sit in a room nearby. Some of us were not really fans of working together virtually, but Marcelo's presentation changed the way some of us think of virtual teams, especially the importance and chances generated by the opportunity to work virtually together. It was interesting to hear about the three traps and indeed we think that Marcelo hit the nail on the head. To consider these three traps really can improve working with virtual teams.“

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