"It takes courage, joy and rolling up your sleeves". Recommendations from Executives


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Five tourism executives met with students of the MA program "Leadership in Tourism” for an intensive dialogue at the Holiday Inn Vienna City.

The diversity of the industry was reflected by the diversity of the representatives at this event.

  • Tobi Müller, founder and managing director of the Mochi Restaurants in Vienna, explained to the students his recipe for success in detail: "Always create something that you would like to have for yourself. Provide good food of consistent quality at all times. And make food sharable".
  • Michaela Schedlbauer-Zippusch (CEO of the Austrian Convention Bureau),
  • Ines Groß-Weikhart (Head of Tourism at the Albertina Vienna) and
  • Lisa Frühbauer (CEO Vienna Sightseeing) also provided the students with valuable insights into their daily challenges and the things that help them to achieve their Goals.

Michaela Schedlbauer-Zippusch summed it up with the following words "being a role model for the employees is essential - if you do things well, people will join in".

Stefanie Augustin, resident manager of the Holiday Inn Vienna City, not only provided detailed discussions with the students, but also showed "her" house during an exclusive site visit - with all the critical areas that a city hotel in Vienna entails.

Many thanks to all speakers for their personal and authentic accounts of their leadership experiences!

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