Exciting discussion with Deloitte's experts on the subject of digitization


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On Tuesday May 14, Alumni&Co was invited to Deloitte Austria.
The motto of the evening was the "Digitization of working environments and competences". The hosts started the discussion round with an inspiring video, which offered many impulses for further discussion.

The participants had the exclusive opportunity to chat with Deloitte's employees privately. Anna Nowshad, Director of Consulting in the area of Human Capital / Organization, Transformation & Talent, and Beate Edl, Digital Knowledge Manager in the area of Digital Transformation, answered questions and provided insights into the diverse areas of work of the leading provider of professional services. The participants also reported on their experiences with digitization in their industry.

After refreshments, Patricia Putzenlechner, responsible for Talent Relations & Acquisition, led the participants through the modern offices in the first district, where the Smart Working concept is also used.

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