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Markus Scholz and Daniela Ortiz were interviewed on the topics of business ethics and responsible management.

Markus Scholz was asked by the Salzburger Nachrichten on animal and human experiments in car companies and why there is a gap between being and wanting in spite of the high expenditure on topics such as ethics and behavior.

The reasons for this can be found in the vague distribution of responsibilities, a lack of integrity culture and the absence of reflection possibilities for employees, as well as in the weak role-model of high level executives in these organizations.

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Dr. Daniela Ortiz explains on TTR, the information portal for Tyrolean tourism, how responsible entrepreneurship can be implemented in the tourism industry and which enterprises are pioneers here.

In the course of the project "Responsible Corporate Governance in SMEs" funded by the City of Vienna, Boutiquehotel Stadthalle in Vienna and Hotel & Villa Auersperg in Salzburg were analyzed. The low fluctuation rate, the attractiveness of the employer as well as the high occupancy rate and the positive ratings of the visitors show that sustainability pays off.

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