Management & Entrepreneurship

The degree programs in Management & Entrepreneurship trains the leaders and business founders of the future.

A variety of areas of responsibility and constantly changing professional challenges define current and future careers in management. A high demand for versatile and well-connected management experts exists for this reason.

The Department of Management & Entrepreneurship provides business studies generalists with a large amount of practical experience both at Bachelor’s and Master’s level. One of the main objectives of these degree programs is for students to analyze typical business problems from different perspectives. Students will also have the skills at their disposal to become experts in a particular field, based on the solid foundations they learned in their degree programs.

The majority of lecturers have a background in business and use their classes to pass on their skills using innovative teaching methods (for example case studies, simulation games, practical projects etc.) so that the contents of classes is conveyed more effectively and more sustainably.


Management & Entrepreneurship Study Programs

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