Master’s Degree in Journalism & New Media

The part-time Master’s degree program in Journalism & New Media offers university and university of applied sciences graduates the possibility to combine their previous degree with a degree in journalism.

The Master’s degree program focuses on teaching useful skills for print, TV, radio and online media and in the use of these skills for multimedia work.

University and university of applied sciences graduates and newly established journalists have the opportunity to expand their knowledge in the areas of new media trends and social media and to get to know new business models and the concept of entrepreneurial journalism.

Experienced journalists, media managers, experts in new media and qualified media scholars support the Department of Journalism & Media Management in its teaching activities.

The Master’s degree program offers application-oriented and theory-based courses to enable graduates to work in quality journalism and develop their own media projects.

The Master’s degree in Journalism & New Media is taught for a maximum of 20 hours per week.


Journalism & Media Management Study Programs

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