Master’s Degree program in Organizational & Human Resources Development

Accompanying change

In the Master’s degree program Organizational & Human Resources Development, you will develop knowledge and skills so that you can advise and support companies and people in change processes, using strategically oriented organizational and HR development methods.
The two-year practically-relevant part-time course is geared towards:

  • Graduates with social and business studies degrees.
  • People with experience in human resources, who want to further improve their skills with a degree from a university of applied sciences.
  • External consultants who want to increase their efficiency through a more detailed knowledge base  

You will learn skills in the areas of coaching and moderation, be better equipped to reflect upon yourself and others and wil improve your social skills with a combination of theory and practice. You will generate assessable added value for companies and be in a position to create and implement target-oriented organizational and human resources development concepts. You will also have found your own approaches for organization and human resources development. Change processes, personnel diagnostics, personnel development and organizational development projects will be second nature to you.


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