Department of Human Resources & Organization

Human Resources Management is an essential management tool for many businesses. Specialists and managers working in human resources must act in a professional and business-oriented manner, so as to keep the organization and the employees competitive in the long term.

The Human Resources & Organization Study Programs offer future Human Resource specialists two degree programs, a BA in Human Resources Management (which can be completed either full-time or part-time) and an MA in Organizational & Human Resources Development (part-time).
The Department of Human Resources & Organization comprises:

Students do not just gain expert knowledge; they gain personal, social and methodical skills, which enables them to flourish in their profession. Students will be prepared for their future profession by the introduction of scientific theoretical fundamentals and by the closeness to practical experience by carrying out market relevant projects.

The department’s applied research is focused on current difficulties and problems in the career field. Topics such as future-oriented human resources management, strategic human resources development and the effects of new work environments are investigated, together with representatives from the relevant career field.


Human Resources & Organization Study Programs

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