Research in the Department of Communication, Marketing and Sales.

The biggest challenges currently facing the sectors of communication, marketing and sales are internationalization and the diversification of markets, digitization and increasing pressure from stakeholders wanting to participate. We, the research team from the Department of Communication, Marketing and Sales at FHWien der WKW, are convinced that these challenges can only be overcome by taking a critical look at the tenets held by the industry and the research community, and by developing and using new methods and models.

As our research is applied, it is important for us to bring in students, business partners and international colleagues during the planning, implementation and the resulting discussion of the research. Formats such as joint practical projects and research projects, research laboratories, workshops, industry conferences and expert conferences, as well as the publications produced from the conferences, serve as a continuous exchange platform.

The Department focuses on two fields of innovation with a focus on current digital transformation:

  • Innovative methods of marketing & sales research
  • Innovative models of strategic communication

Innovative methods of marketing and sales research

Web-based image and attitude measuring

In the increasing global competition, brand image and employer image, along with product specifications and price, continue to play a decisive role in the purchase decision-making process. The internet makes innovative digital methods of data collection and access to enormous amounts of data possible. This allows conclusions about images to be made. However, applied image research is often limited to the use of online questionnaires, content analyses or structural analyses.

The Department believes that action is required in this respect. When measuring attitudes, we focus on the use of innovative, non-verbal stimuli, classification procedures and instrument-based methods. For image analysis, our interest is in the crawler based process of web mining, with a focus on corporate and consumer generated content. We pass our knowledge on to students and partners directly, in that we involve them in all stages of the process, from the design process to discussing the results.

Segmentation strategies and consumer typology

Markets have become more heterogeneous, flexible and responsive. This requires a clear knowledge about the target group. Classic consumer types based on demographics have been shown to be less and less helpful.

The Department therefore concentrates on creating innovative typologies and segmentation strategies, taking into account in particular psychographic criteria such as motives, personality and attitude, as well as sociographic criteria such media use and mobility behavior. The focus of our applied research is in the area of e-commerce.

Innovative models of strategic communication

Communication strategy and management in digital transformation

Permanent digital addressability and a need to respond is a communicative challenge for many different organizations regardless of their sector or size. Classic instrumental planning and steering models of strategic communication are increasingly reaching their limits.

Our Department is looking for alternatives to transfer more realistic concepts and models in communication management. We focus on process strategies and practical approaches to strategy research, and on flexible and heterarchical approaches to management research. The practical relevance and fit will be checked critically and adapted in discussions with students and in cooperation with business partners.

Relationship and network management in digital transformation

The terms relationship and network are central to communication management. If the meaning behind them are scrutinized, high normative expectations with low analytical value occur. In light of this digital transformation, which builds upon both relationship logic and network logic in terms of content and technology, it is difficult to get any further with this romanticized view.

Alternative concepts of relationship management and network management are needed. Network models and models from science and technology studies serve as the basis and make possible a more realistic view on digital relationships and networks, whose communicative and algorithmic foundations are equally considered. We examine and extend the practical use of this perspective in discussions with students and practitioners and through innovative case studies and practical projects focusing on online communication.


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