Career models

The degree program trains communications specialists who are able to work in management in any sector in which a comprehensive view of communications has priority over a specialist view. This is taught in particular in the strategic disciplines of communication management, for example public relations, advertising and marketing, corporate identity or corporate social responsibility.

The degree program prepares graduates to work in the following job areas (in a company or on a self-employed basis):

  • Head of an area of communication (Personnel management)
  • Advice and support of the top management level
  • Development and implementation of strategic concepts
  • Development and implementation of integrated communication management including an introduction to all required steps that the organization must take
  • Strategic and operative planning, management and coordination including budgeting and evaluative measures
  • Networking and lobbying with sponsors and politicians
  • Drafting and implementation of marketing concepts, creation of market and competition analyses
  • Section Head or Executive Management


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