Master's Degree Program in Communication Management

Communication: in medias res

Good communication is based on two fundamental principles:

  1. Firstly, communication ensures ongoing operation by advertising products and services. Integrated communication can be helpful in this respect, creating a uniform appearance especially in external communication.
  2. Secondly, communication is a way of building up success potential and reputation. In this case, the challenge is in the production of organizational framework conditions that consider the needs of all stakeholders (both internal and external) and in the management of corporate culture.

A Master’s degree program in Communication Management focuses on integrated communication management, to create the biggest possible communication impact, linking measures both internally and externally. The teaching of social competences is particularly valued - like camera training, negotiation techniques and conflict management as well as team and management skills - to prepare students for leading managerial roles.

Our teaching is supported by many successful people from top businesses and organizations and guest professors, who are well-known both within Austria and internationally. This allows us to offer students an attractive and future oriented training.

Instead of classic lectures, integrated courses give students the opportunity to discuss new content, reflect on it and thus create new knowledge. Communication skills and social skills are perfected in workshops.

Communication projects are worked on from the first semester onwards. Integrated communication concepts are created together with businesses.


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