Retail Management

Trained experts in retail required. The new practice-based continuing education program Retail Management offers committed retail workers the chance to prepare themselves for demanding leadership  roles - even without a Bachelor’s degree or a school-leaving certificate (Matura): The continuing education track at FHWien der WKW and WIFI is easy to bring under one roof while working, and supports students in sustainably developing their skills in the area of management and leadership

As part of the Academy for Continuing Education in Retail Management, students can choose either a program with the duration of four semesters (awarded a Master of Science) or two semesters (awarded the title Academic Expert).

Mag.a (FH) Martina Zöbl

“Our tailor-made teaching and research allows us to prepare our graduates effectively for their careers.”
Mag.a (FH) Martina Zöbl, Head of Program MSc Retail Management

A career with an apprenticeship

In the future, it will also be possible for people who have completed apprenticeships in Austria to complete academic degrees at FHWien der WKW. This is what our Academy for Continuing Education is there for.


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