MSc Leadership

The Master’s degree program “MSc Leadership” is for project managers and decision-makers, who want to qualify for a management position in the future.

The aim is for the complete systematic development and expansion of leadership qualities and leadership methods, in particular social and communicative skills The analysis and reflection of one’s leadership behavior is a central part of this continuing education program, organized in collaboration with the Hernstein Institute for Management and Leadership.

The continuing education track at FHWien der WKW and the Hernstein Institute for Management and Leadership is easy to bring under one roof while working and supports students in sustainably developing their skills in the area of leadership. There is the option of a four semester long program (awarded a Master of Science) or a two semester long program (awarded the title Academic Expert).


Mag. Gabriele Schauer

Hernstein Institut für Management und Leadership, Produkt- & Salesmanagement

Tel.: +43 (1) 514 50-5623

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