Your continuing education program in Industrial and Communications Psychology.

Society’s demand for high-quality psychological services is increasing in many areas. Successful businesses deal with the effects of demographic change, globalization and digitalization by investing in people. In addition, there is an increased expectation for a high level of social and communicative skills. The MSc in Industrial and Communications Psychology tackles these societal changes and makes it possible for people to complete a program in this area, without requiring applicants to have a degree.

The learning concept of the MSc in Industrial and Communications Psychology is distinguished by its high level of practically relevant content, as well as innovative teaching and learning methods. The distance learning program offers students an optimal way to learn.

The combination of guided self-study, individual student support and e-learning units offers students the possibility of learning at a time and place which is suitable for them and which fits in with their own professional requirements and needs. Using modern e-learning components provides students with interactive learning.

The MSc in Industrial and Communications Psychology offers students the opportunity for improving qualifications to a university level and is a successful combination of compact, theoretically sound knowledge and a practice-based education.

According to section 4 of the psychology law (Psychologengesetz), only persons who have completed a degree in psychology may call themselves a psychologist. The successful completion of the Master’s degree program “MSc Industrial and Communications Psychology” does not allow the holder to call themselves a “psychologist”. Upon completion of your degree program you have the right to use the internationally recognized title “Master of Science (MSc) in Industrial and Communications Psychology”.

The degree program in Industrial and Communications Psychology is carried out by the Akademischen Lehrinstitut für Psychologie in Lübeck together with FHWien der WKW.

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