Career Models

In the modern working world the use of industrial and communications psychology concepts are becoming more and more important.  In addition to the recruitment and development of personnel, the topic of health at work is considered more and more important.

Responsible organizations try to make sure that their staff remain healthy and productive. In addition to this new trend on the labor market, modern leadership consists of more than just task delegation and expertise, there is an increased expectation for up-to-date leaders to have social and communicative skills. Both employees and heads of companies expect efficient and solution oriented communication from their managers. They also expect managers to understand how corporate cultures interact on a professional, social and communicative level.

The Master’s degree program in Industrial and Communications Psychology supports its graduates in providing modern working worlds with industrial and communicative content.

According the the pyschology law §4, the successful completion of the Master’s degree program “MSc Industrial and Communications Psychology” does not allow the holder to call themselves a “psychologist”. Upon completion of your degree program, you have the right to use the internationally recognized title of “Master of Science (MSc) in Industrial and Communications Psychology”.

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