Competence Center for E-Learning

Innovative teaching and learning are part of FHWien der WKW’s strategy. Our top priority is the integration of digital elements; giving students the freedom to study at a time and place that is suitable for them. The e-learning project began in 2005 with funding from the city of Vienna and deals with all matters relating to technologically enhanced teaching and learning.

Moodle is a learning management system that serves as our main learning and communication platform. A virtual classroom is available for each module, where scenarios such as blended learning or inverted classroom can be implemented and a student-centered approach can be used for higher education teaching. Holding virtual classes using the web conference software Adobe Connect gives students flexibility in where they learn. We cater for different types of learners and their needs by using training videos and web 2.0 tools. Keeping an eye on current developments and trends allows us to sustainably improve higher education teaching.

The following areas of work are undertaken by the Competence Center for E-Learning:

  • Design and implementation of initiatives to promote technologically enhanced teaching and learning as part of the strategic orientation of FHWien der WKW
  • Provision of technical infrastructure (learning management system, web conferencing tools, etc.)
  • Support for teaching and administrative staff and students in case of technical problems with Moodle or Adobe Connect
  • Support and advice for teachers wanting to create innovative and technologically enhanced classes
  • Workshops and special training about technologically enhanced teaching and learning methods

Our Moodle learning platform can be found here


Competence Center E-Learning

Währinger Gürtel 97
1180 Vienna, Austria

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