Radio NJOY 91.3

The radio station Radio NJOY 91.3 belongs to FHWien der WKW and can be used by students from the Department of Journalism & Media Management. Students are supported in their media training and in their learning of how to produce radio content by teaching activities covering both theory and professional practice. The results of the shows produced can be heard in the programs “Kulturcollage” and “Tonwerkstatt”.

Radio NJOY 91.3 is defined as a full-time radio station, meaning that programs are aired 24/7. The service is for people who want to hear high-quality non-mainstream radio.

Frequency and web streaming

Radio NJOY 91.3 uses the frequency 91.3 MHz and is also available online on our homepage Podcasts are created for some of the programs. These can be downloaded at or Soundcloud

Musical Backdrop

The music program is varied and matched to the editorial content. Diverse musical genres are played, however we usually play alternative hits. This means that catchy tunes from diverse music styles define our direction and are chosen depending on the show. The focus of our musical program is on music from Austria.


Radio NJOY 91.3

Währinger Gürtel 97
1180 Vienna, Austria

Tel: +43 (1) 476 77-5824

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