Sample questions for the admissions test

The following sample questions are for potential Executive Management Master’s students studying in English. For sample questions for other Master’s degrees click here.

A(n) ________ is a framework of how a business intends to generate revenue.

A) business model
B) strategic management tool
C) profitability analysis
D) competitive advantage
E) entrepreneurial mindset

A company benefits from economies of scale when it ________.

A) does not use centralization of production and distribution
B) produces goods or services in multiple locations
C) adopts a highly differentiated marketing strategy
D) engages in the production of personalized products
E) manufactures and distributes products in higher quantities

________ refers to a statement of the tasks involved in a given job and the conditions under which the holder of a job will work.

A) Job specification
B) Job description
C) Succession planning
D) Job analysis
E) Job enrichment

________ refers to a statement describing the kind of person who would be best for a given job - including the skills, education, and previous experience that the job requires.

A) Job specification
B) Job enrichment
C) Succession planning
D) Job analysis
E) Job description

Accounts receivable refers to ________.

A) the total of owner's funds invested in a business
B) the total annual revenue of a company
C) amounts that a firm owes to other parties
D) the money owed to a firm by its customers
E) the total interest payments made by the firm

Which of the following is a component of a firm's working capital account?

A) long-term loans
B) debentures
C) inventory
D) mortgage bonds
E) convertible bonds


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