Can I become a member even though I am still studying at FHWien der WKW?

Yes. Alumni&Co did begin as a graduate network but is now open for students, administrative staff, faculty and business partners too. This mixture of people is what makes our network so special. Get involved today!

As a graduate from FHWien der WKW am I automatically a member of Alumni&Co?

Not automatically, no! You are only a member if you sign the declaration of membership and pay the membership fee.

Alumni&Co only offers yearly memberships; can I join in the middle of the year? For example in January?

Yes. You can join Alumni&Co at any time. Please be aware of the following: It is necessary to pay the yearly fee in full, no matter when you become a member of Alumni&Co.

What does an Alumni&Co membership entitle me to?

Members become part of our well built-up network, which is suitable for both informal chats and professional exchanges and which organizes a varied array of events. One of the highlights of the event year is the “Night at FHWien der WKW”. Other benefits include: discounts from our cooperation partners, an active @edu e-mail address giving you access to our central job platform and to the library, and a subscription to the studio! magazine delivered directly to your door. Graduates from the Department of Communication, Marketing & Sales receive a free subscription to the magazine “Horizont”. Please note these are both published in German.

Can I make use of the benefits offered by Alumni&Co as a graduate from FHWien der WKW?

The majority of the benefits offered are only available to Alumni&Co members. Some events can however also be visited by non-members. The conditions of participation are made clear when we announce events. Event announcements (in German) can be found here: www.fh-wien.ac.at/alumnico/veranstaltungen/

I have an idea for an event or want a specific discount - who should I talk to?

We are always open for new ideas and would be pleased to hear your wishes or suggestions. Simply write to us - or talk to us directly at one of the upcoming events. Alumni&Co members always have the opportunity to get actively involved in the everyday running of Alumni&Co (for example in the Annual General Assembly).  Our executive team is continually working on in-house events that you can get involved in.

How can I cancel my membership?

You must cancel your membership in writing. Please be aware that if you terminate your membership in the middle of the year, the membership is still valid until the end of the academic year. Accordingly, Alumni&Co cannot offer to part-refund membership fees in the case of membership termination. You can rejoin Alumni&Co at a later date if you so wish.

Paying by direct debit:

The membership fee is collected annually in September until revoked. You will receive a reminder by e-mail at least two weeks prior to the fee being collected. If you did not see the e-mail and are surprised about the payment, there is a legal period of time where you can reclaim the amount taken.



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