Ownership of the University of Applied Sciences for Management and Communication (FHWien der WKW) is shared equally between the Vienna Economic Chamber (Wirtschaftskammer Wien) and the Vienna Business Fund (Fonds der Wiener Kaufmannschaft).

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The Vienna Economic Chamber is the interest group for Viennese entrepreneurs and is in close contact with businesses and the challenges they face. This allows the Vienna Economic Chamber to constantly update its knowledge about the training requirements of businesses and react to new requirements rapidly and flexibly.

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The Vienna Business Fund’s mission is to create a framework for an innovative and responsible future, for young people and commercial traders alike. Their primary objective is the realization and the development of educational opportunities and social commitments.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board oversees the management of FHWien der WKW and advises the Executive Management in important matters.

The members of the Advisory Board for FHWien der WKW are:

Meinhard Eckl

Mag. Meinhard Eckl

Chair of the Advisory Board
Director of the Vienna Economic Chamber

Mag. Martin Göbel

Mag. Martin Göbel

CEO of Vienna Business Fund (Fonds der Wiener Kaufmannschaft)

Institutsleiterin WIFI Wien Mag.a Barbara Schieder

Mag.a Barbara Kluger-Schieder

Head of Department at WIFI Wien

Mag. Erich Huber

Head of Department for Vocational Training and Educational Policies at Vienna Economic Chamber

Christian Machacek

Mag. Christian Machacek

Head of Department for Finance and Accounting at the Vienna Economic Chamber


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