Research Area: Integrated Communication Management

The internationalisation and diversification of markets, media technological change and increasing demands for stakeholder participation highlight the significance of a functioning communication for successful corporate management. In this context, an integrated communication management, i.e. the proactive coordination of internal and external communications processes, is required.

This research area of the Institute for Communication, Marketing & Sales focuses on the following questions:

  • How can theoretical models of and practical approaches to communication management be converged?
  • How can changing relationships between corporations and their stakeholders be taken into account by communication management?
  • How can communication management respond to the challenges resulting from media technological change?


The research area follows a long term approach and focusses on research projects, lasting partnerships with researchers and practitioners as well as the development of internal resources.

A wide repertoire of empirical research tools is employed, ranging from qualitative interviews, focus groups, and telephone surveys to online surveys and structure analyses. Moreover, the collaborative working approach does not only benefit partner companies, but also stimulates further development of the institute’s curriculum. The research area thus also represents a link between companies and their future employees.

For Practitioners

Results created in the research area stimulate further development of communication management in companies and agencies alike:

  • Research results create awareness of implicit practices in existing communication management, allowing improved strategies to be developed.
  • Integrated communication models are developed to enable coordination of diverse corporate departments and instruments.
  • Particular attention is paid to the strategic exploitation of new communications technologies, allowing corporations to operate more rapidly and efficiently and to incorporate the demands of various stakeholders.
  • Students reap a double benefit from R&D activities: by participating in projects, they learn to develop systematic solutions for real world problems. Furthermore, they gain up-to-date skills in the field of integrated communication management thanks to the incorporation of research findings into the course curriculum.


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