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The decisive resource for every organisation is its staff. Futureoriented companies know that hiring competent, enthusiastic staff members is just as important as their integration in work processes and social structures and their continued development. In this research area, we study the myriad issues in human resources and organisational development from a variety of perspectives. Subjects the research area is concerned with
include future employee training issues, career development of high potentials, reintegration of expatriates, development of needs-oriented human resources and organisational development strategies, and examination of knowledge cultures. One topic in the research area is the deign of optimal educational opportunities for students. The spectrum of R&D activities comprises the development and implementation of skill
assessment processes, and improvement of study conditions for part-time professional students.


A key objective in the educationally-oriented research field is the continuing development and integration of professional skill assessment processes in the selection process and during the educational programme. Systematic monitoring of professional development of the school’s alumni is located on the opposite end of student careers. This, however, improves the ability of our university to systematically tailor its programme offering to market demand.
The study of management demands represents an additional approach to understanding the demands of different industries and the options companies have for dealing with the demands of various groups of employees.
Moreover, our research activities in the individual research areas are continually being linked with the further education of our faculty involved with this field of research by means of dissertation projects.


The research area is currently being researched by an internal cooperative effort by four institutions: Human Resources & Knowledge Management, Tourism Management, Marketing & Sales Management, and Entrepreneurship & Executive Management. This platform provides an excellent opportunity for pooling diverse knowledge and methods resources, thus taking advantage of a vast pool of experience with different industries and corporate partners. For analyses in the areas of human resources, organisational Development, and knowledge management, it is essential to always develop a method to match the purpose. The repertoire of methods used in this research area leaves no useful method unexploited. This diversity of methods is evident in the research area’s well-stocked toolbox:

  • Psychological test procedures for skills assessment
  • Telephone and online surveys of alumni and top management
  • Qualitative interviews, e.g. with staff of a certain corporation in order to gather data on knowledge cultures
  • Qualitative content analysis procedures
  • Statistical procedures for the assessment of survey data

Application & Benefits

The research area is directed towards two target groups: corporations and students.

Corporations enjoy important benefits from findings on challenges in recruiting, the situation of expatriates, as well as the investigation of knowledge culture. This helps them to run corporate processes which generate real productive forces from “soft” factors, thereby creating an indispensible foundation for the company’s success.

Firstly, Students benefit from concrete improvements to their study conditions created by the ongoing research activities. Secondly, entry-level students profit twofold from findings on career development opportunities for graduates and from the joint research projects with corporations: from both the integration of market demands in the programme and the opportunities to conduct practice-oriented research projects with corporations.


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