Future of quality journalism

The rapid advance of technology has led to a fundamental structural change in the broadcast media. The results are new ways of production and distribution, digitalization and commercialization of content as well as a rising number of providers. Increasing economic pressure and declining revenues challenge quality journalism to maintain its essential functions: giving comprehensive information, offering orientation and criticism in order to strengthen the audience in their role as citizens and participants of a democratic society.

The Journalism Research Center at the Institute for Journalism & Media Management addresses the pressing questions of media development in the digital era – in research, in teaching and in the supervision of bachelor and master theses.

Applied media research

The R&D activities in the research field "Future of quality journalism" have a strong practical focus and support journalists and media companies in solving specific problems.

Applied media research is concerned with the following questions:

  • What are the objectives of quality journalism in digital societies? How can these objectives be evaluated?
  • What is the role of education in enhancing and securing quality journalism? What are the key skills that young journalist have or need?
  • How can quality journalism reach large audiences and promote the appreciation of quality information?

"Public Value goes international"

From 2014 to 2016, the Research Center takes up the issue of public value of media services again. The project “Public Value goes international”, which receives funds by the MA23 of the City of Vienna, aims at the setup of and collaboration within a trans-European cooperation network.

Previously from 2008 to 2012, the Research Center conducted a large national research project on public value (funded by FFG and MA23). Back then, public service media were the main object of study. Various follow-up projects, including studies for the ORF, ATV or the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research (BMWF) contributed to the widening and deepening of the research area “Future of quality journalism”.


The transfer of findings is one of the essential activities of the Research Center staff. A publication list, which is updated regularly, can be found here.


Curious about the daily work at the Research Center? - The "News" section on the Journalism 3.0 website keeps you up to date.


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