(Corporate) Entrepreneurship and Innovation


The positive national, regional, and economic impacts of entrepreneurship, such as innovation, stimulation of competition, and job creation, have led to an increased focus on entrepreneurship by researchers and policy-makers. Previous research on the subject has primarily been concerned with early business phases (the pre-establishment and establishment phases). Sustainable entrepreneurship, however, goes beyond the establishment phase, focusing on key subjects such as boosting the survival and growth rates of start-ups, and promoting innovative approaches and activities in established corporations.

The (Corporate) Entrepreneurship und Innovation research area thus focuses on the following questions in the post-establishment phase:

  • What factors determine corporate growth in times of economic crisis?
  • How can change management competencies and innovation be promoted in SMEs?
  • What roles do entrepreneurial orientation and innovation play in established corporations (corporate entrepreneurship / intrapreneurship)?
  • What roles do corporate entrepreneurship and innovation play in tourism and how might they be promoted?
  • What corporate social opportunities arise from a sustainable corporate management policy?
  • What roles do partnerships play for the growth of SMEs?
  • What success factors do family-run businesses exhibit?

These issues help create practical, application-oriented knowledge for corporations with sustainable growth policies, and for institutions which support corporations in their efforts to develop such policies by providing training, consultation, and funding.

The (Corporate) Entrepreneurship & Innovation research area is a cooperative effort involving the Entrepreneurship Competence Team at the Institute for Management & Entrepreneurship, the Institute for Tourism Management, the Endowed Chair of Organisational Learning at the Institute for Human Resources & Organisation, and the Endowed Chair of Corporate Governance & Business Ethics.


Three fundamental aims inform the approaches used in the research area: the production of academically sound results, of practical applications for stakeholders, and the ongoing stimulation of discourse between research and academics.  To accomplish this, we employ a balanced combination of the qualitative and quantitative methods of empirical social research, tailored to fit the research question.

We continued to publish a high number of articles at academic conferences and in academic journals. Yet practical benefits are equally important: research findings are also aimed at corporations and institutions that promote corporate growth by subsidies, consultation, or funding, as well as for students destined to become senior executives and/or entrepreneurs.


The research area's activites are currently centred on the following research topics: 


Dr. Christina Schweiger
Researcher, Competence Team for Entrepreneurship

Phone: + 43 (1) 476 77-5884

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