For the Industry

Benefits for the Economy

We are growing: in the year 2009 we have had the pleasure of conducting research, development, and consulting projects with over 60 clients and research partners.
But we are still staying lean: Because we always concentrate our R&D activities on the concrete needs of our clients and research partners. While doing so, we are clearly dedicated to ensuring the economy’s competitiveness. Because this is more than ever linked to a corporation’s ability to recognise the value of innovations, to respond to innovative stimuli and to transform them to marketable concepts by means of R&D activities.

Our Approach

We offer a number of approaches for completing R&D commissions:

  • Key projects for which we deploy extensive resources and infrastructure from the research area
  • Research on specific, individual research questions from a corporation in the form of dissertations and diploma, master and bachelor theses
  • Realworld projects involving student collaboration as part of a course

Benefits Created

The requirements of our clients and research partners range from the creation of fundamental information, e.g. in the form of feasibility studies, to the development of new models, for real estate valuation, for example, to issues of customer acceptance rates and the marketing of products that we have worked with in our market research projects, for instance.

Beyond this, the transfer of R&D findings to business practice is a key objective: we also accompany our clients and research partners in the on-site implementation phase. And provide comprehensive services: from human resources and organisational development, knowledge management, to operative management to financial management, we bring competencies that ultimately reveal the practical impact of the R&D process, and
propose redesign options.


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